Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching up

This poor blog has been getting neglected lately, so this will be a catch-up post with lots of pictures.

A few weeks ago, the cherry blossoms were blooming in downtown D.C., so we loaded up one Sunday afternoon and drove into the city to see them. I always forget how crowded it is though and how much I hate crowds until we’re there and I’m stuck in the middle of it all and then all I really want to do is leave. 

But it was an absolutely beautiful day that day and we were all finally getting over being sick for so long and it was just nice to get outside and enjoy the day.



While we were there, Hudson took a flying leap over the “big pencil”. Thankfully, Tim caught him.




Good Friday… on our way to some friend’s house for dinner and then on to church.



Hudson was being a total goof-ball and cracking us all up.



Easter Sunday.



Random pictures:





Sometimes I find my kids just curled up in the swinging chair taking a nap.




Tim had to go to Delaware for a few days for work, so the kids and I drove up on a Saturday afternoon, spent the night and part of Sunday with him and then came back home Sunday afternoon.  It was a quick trip, but we packed a lot in, made some good family memories, and had a lot of fun.

On Saturday night, Tim took us to the local dirt track to watch the go-cart races.  It is extremely loud, they go extremely fast, and you get extremely dirty from all the red dust flying in the air.  There are races going on all evening, but before the big race, the drivers throw out tennis balls with their numbers on them.  Tyson and I each got a tennis ball.  If your driver gets in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, you win money.  My driver was second to last the entire time, so he didn’t have a chance, but Tyson’s driver started out in 4th place and ended up getting 3rd place at the end of the race.  We had so much fun cheering and screaming for Tyson’s driver.  And Tyson won $10 from it, which is an eight year old kid’s dream come true.



On Sunday, we drove up to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell.  It’s behind glass and the line was extremely long, so we just peeked at it through the window. 



This year, we’ve been studying American History and had just been reading all about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington and the American Revolution so it was so interesting to actually get to see where much of our country’s history happened so long ago. 

This is Independence Hall,where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed.   



My favorite thing we did was the horse and carriage tour through the streets of Philadelphia.  Our driver pointed out the major historical sites throughout the city and we saw many of the things we’ve been reading about.  I’m pretty sure I was way more interested than any of the kids, but whatever. It was fun.  After this homeschooling year with the kids,  I have such a deeper appreciation for our founding Fathers, their bravery and their sacrifices and all they did for our country. 



A few days later, we visited Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home here in Virginia.  We took a tour through the house, but they don’t allow pictures in there. We saw the bed where he died and we also saw his tomb.



His gardens.




And his farm.



I’m not sure how much the kids will remember from all the books we read this year, but as much as possible, I want to bring history to life for them.  I want them to have an appreciation for our country and the brave men and women that have fought to give us our freedom today.  Hopefully seeing some of these historical places will make it feel a little bit more real to them and help them remember what we’ve learned about.


And Spring is finally really here, so we’ve been outside much more enjoying the warmer days, going on walks, meeting friends at the park, and playing ball.  There were a few weeks when the weather was so perfect that we left windows open all day and night enjoying the fresh breeze and the chirping birds. 











And if you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we just had our master bathroom renovated.  There are still a few more things to finish up, but hopefully, I’ll have a blog post with pictures about that coming soon.  I am loving my new soaking tub. The kids love it too.


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  1. This was fun...catching up...
    Your family is lovely, and I love all the family time you share.
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