Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bedroom Dresser Makeover

Not long after Tim and I got married, we got tired of our hand-me-down bedroom furniture, so we went out and bought a big matching set of bedroom furniture.  It seemed like the grown-up thing to do at the time.      

A few years later, I had something of an awakening when it came to decorating our home and I realized that our bedroom furniture (as well as everything else in our house) just wasn't my style at all. The bedroom set we bought was big, bulky, and dark.  It completely overwhelmed our space and I didn't see anyway to make it look better. I wish I could find an old picture for you.

I really wanted to start completely over, find pieces that I really loved, and create a room that was lighter and brighter with an eclectic mix of unique pieces.  So after some major convincing on my part, Tim let me sell our bedroom set on Craigslist.

I've learned that finding what I love takes time.  It takes patience, persistence, and it takes not settling.  But after selling our bedroom set, we had no furniture and our clothes were just sitting there all piled up on the floor.  Obviously we needed something immediately to hold it all.  So we went to Ikea and bought two dressers that would hold our things until I found what I really wanted.

That was four years ago.

Over those four years, I've been on the lookout for a dresser.  I've looked on Craigslist, in thrift stores, antique stores, etc...  I knew I wanted a solid wood, vintage piece that I could paint.  I wanted it to have clean, straight lines, so as not to be overly feminine, but also have some interest to it.  And since we moved to a smaller home a few years ago, we now only have space in our room for one dresser, so it needed to be big enough to hold both mine and Tim's folded clothes.

Finding a dresser with all of these qualities was not easy, but I stayed patient.

Then a few weeks ago, my in-laws were here visiting and we were loading up in the Jeep getting ready to go to Target when I got a text from a neighbor alerting me to a "darling long dresser... really unusual... lots of potential" that someone had sat out on the side of the road in our neighborhood for the trash pick-up.  This neighbor knows me and knows my love for painting and making over old furniture.  Obviously I was interested at this point.  So we drove off to find the dresser.  As I pulled up to it, I immediately noticed it's unique vintage look.  It was extra long and had clean, straight lines.  I hopped out to give it a closer inspection. I wanted to check if it was solid wood (yes), to make sure the drawers worked (yes), and that they were in good condition (yes).  

I could see the potential in it and I knew I wanted it.  So Pop Pop stayed back to guard the dresser while Mimi, Hudson, and I went home to get the van (since the dresser was not going to fit in the back of the Jeep).  Within the few minutes we were gone, three people stopped to look at it and the trash truck showed up to take it away in the trash.  We pulled up with the van just as Pop Pop was telling the trash guys we were going to keep the dresser.  This was perfect timing because instead of throwing the dresser in the trash truck, those guys kindly loaded it up in the back of the van for us.  I was so thankful for that because it was such a heavy dresser that we would have had an extremely hard time loading it up ourselves.

Here she is - the before picture:


The next day we removed all the hardware and I wiped it down with a liquid sander/de-glosser.  Using the sander/de-glosser wasn't necessary (according to chalk paint directions), but I had some on hand and figured it could only help. Then I got right to work painting it with Annie Sloan pure white chalk paint.  I have always loved her chalk paint because there is no real sanding or priming involved, so you can go straight to painting.  This is perfect for me, as I am always anxious to start seeing the transformation.

But this time, I had problems.  After I painted the main part of the dresser, I noticed that there were several spots on the top that were cracking and peeling as the paint dried.  I had never seen or heard of this before with chalk paint, so I was pretty confused and frustrated.  I hand sanded down those spots and re-painted only to have the same thing happen again.  After googling this, I discovered this does happen sometimes with AS chalk paint and there doesn't seem to be a clear reason why.  It seems to happen most often with the pure white and old white colored chalk paint though. 

My suspicion was that something oily had spilled on the top of the dresser and this was keeping the paint from adhering in those spots.  Through googling, I learned that I could try sanding down the entire top, then putting a layer of shellac down, and then re-painting.  Not fun, but since there didn't seem to be another real option and we didn't have much to lose at this point (except our time and a few bucks for shellac), we decided to give it a try.

BUT.... after sanding the top all the way back down to the wood, I completely fell in love with the overly distressed look and decided not to re-paint it after all.  I just sealed it with the Annie Sloan wax and called it done.  It was a perfectly happy accident.

At this point, I loved how it looked, but we discovered that it had a bit of a bug infestation.  Yuck.  So Tim had to take it back outside to spray it down twice with bug killer.  The drawers were also extremely smelly.  I googled this problem too (what would we do without the internet?) and found all kinds of ways to get the smell out.  I tried many of them.  I wiped them out with a vinegar/water mixture, set coffee grounds in cups inside of them, let them air out outside... none of that worked very well, so I ended up polyurethaning the inside of all the drawers.  I'm glad I did because I feel like that sealed up any germs and smells, so they won't get on our clothes, especially since we really don't know where this thing has been or what has been inside of it.

As many issues as this dresser came with though, I absolutely love how it turned out and I think it was totally worth all the extra effort.

Here's the after pictures:

I ordered these brass ring pulls and I really like their classic simplicity.  There is brass on the front feet of the dresser too, so they complement each other nicely. 

I also really like the detailing of the round front edges.  It's not overly fancy or anything, but it adds some extra interest to the piece.

The most fun thing about these projects is seeing the amazing transformation.  It's not quite what I had envisioned when I started this project, but in the end, I love it even more than I originally imagined.

I love that it's unique.  I love that it has a story behind it.  I love that my in-laws were involved in finding it and helping me haul it home.  And I love that Tim and I both worked on it to make it our own.  I hope it will be something that we have and enjoy for a very long time.

What about you?  Have you ever had a project go all wrong, but then end up better than you ever thought?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Decorating on a budget, DIY sweater throw pillows, and stump side tables

I love throw pillows. I also love to switch them up for the different seasons, but it's not always in our budget to pay for brand new pillows. Not to mention that many stores sell the feather pillow inserts separately from the pillow cover.  So not only do you need to buy the pillow cover, but then you also have to factor in the price of the pillow insert.  And since nice feather pillow inserts can run anywhere from $14-$26 at places like Pottery Barn, updating a room with a few new throw pillows can get expensive pretty quickly.

Of course you can buy cheaper pillows at places like Target, but I've decided that I really like the feather pillow inserts so much better than pillows stuffed with polyester filling.  Feather pillows are softer and squishier and they always plump back up very nicely.  They don't lose their shape over time either like cheaper pillows do.  And once you have invested in all the feather inserts you need, you can just switch out the pillow covers seasonally or whenever you're ready for a change.  So I've decided the investment in feather pillow inserts is worth it.  But since I am just beginning to build our feather pillow collection, I needed to find ways to do it within our budget.

I read one day on the Nester's blog that to save money, she buys feather pillow inserts at thrift stores and then just runs them through her washing machine and dryer to sanitize them.  Sounded kind of genius to me, so the last few times I've gone to the thrift store, I searched through the pillows to see if I could score any feather pillow inserts. And what do you know... I've found quite a few.  Yesterday, I found five.  They are only $5 each, so I stocked up.

Since Fall has hit here in northern Virginia, I have really had an itch to get some cozy pillows on our couch.  I've been dreaming about some sweater pillows like these:

But, even on sale, these pillow covers cost more than I want to spend right now.  So since my desires are the mother of my creativity, I decided to try to make my own sweater pillow covers from thrifted sweaters (since I didn't have any old sweaters laying around).  

While I was thrift shopping, I looked for well-made, quality sweaters that were soft and had interesting patterns, textures, or lines in them.  I also checked for stains, holes, pills, etc...  Be picky.  Find something you really like or walk away.  Always keep your end product in mind, because you want to love it when you're done.  It's also important to make sure that the sweater you pick is big enough to cover your entire pillow or you will be sad when you go to make your pillow and it doesn't fit.  

Besides sweaters, I looked through men's plaid shirts and women's skirts for any other fabrics, textures, or designs that I thought might make a good pillow.  In the end, I bought two gray sweaters to use for my sweater pillows and a women's linen skirt that I thought could work for a pillow cover too. 

I'm not going to go into any kind of sewing tutorial for you here because I am not a good sewer.  I just try to cut and sew straight lines.  I sewed three sides of the pillow on the sewing machine, then flipped my pillow right side out, stuffed the pillow insert in, then hand-sewed the final side closed.  Pillows are probably one of the simplest things to make, so if you've never sewn anything before, this would be a great first sewing project.  Give it a shot!

Here are how my two sweater pillows turned out

The first one:

The second one:

Our couch and my swinging chair are instantly cozier now!  I'm pretty happy with them both.  Total cost for each pillow including the feather insert and the sweater was about $13 each.  So I think that's pretty good.  They have at least partially satisfied my desires for sweater pillows.... although I may need to make a few more for our couches in the basement.

As a side note, I've been wanting a stump side table for quite some time now.  A few weeks ago, a neighbor set a whole bunch of wood out on the road for the trash truck and I spied a good log in the pile that I thought would make a good side table.  After hauling the log over to my house, I peeled off the bark, sanded it smooth, wiped it clean, made sure it was dry and had no bugs in it, and then I painted and distressed it.  Although it's not perfectly flat across the top, it's perfect enough to hold my books and coffee when I'm sitting in my swinging chair.  And the best part ... it was free!!

What about you?  Are there any fun ways you've found to decorate on a budget?   

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Favorites

Here we are, already in mid-October and the weather is becoming more and more Fall-like each day.  I'm loving it.  We've had windows open and the cool crisp Fall breeze blowing through our home for weeks now, but recently we've had to start closing the windows and turning on the heater because it's getting so chilly outside!   Pumpkin spice coffee has become my morning companion.  Big cozy pillows and nubby crocheted blankets have found a resting place on our couch.  Soups and chili have started showing up on our dinner table. And boots, sweaters, puffy vests, and scarves have entered back into my daily wardrobe.

There are so many reasons to love Fall, but I thought I'd share a few of our family's Fall favorites.

It's been a tradition of ours every year to go pick out a pumpkin for each member of our family (including our dogs!) at a pumpkin patch.  That means seven different pumpkins. The kids love it.  This year, we found a beautiful pumpkin farm with a hillside full of every size, shape, and color pumpkin that you could imagine.  

We had fun hunting for and selecting our favorite pumpkins.  The hardest part was hauling our wagon load of pumpkins back up the hill after picking them!

They look so welcoming and festive sitting on our front porch.

These pumpkin chocolate chip muffins have recently become a Fall favorite.  I just discovered this recipe on Pinterest earlier this year and it's definitely a keeper!  If you're a fan of pumpkins and chocolate chips, you'll love these.  They are delicious!  Go here for the recipe. (Side note: I've never put the full two cups of sugar in that the recipe calls for.  It's plenty sweet with just one cup.)

And if you're a pumpkin pie fan, this pumpkin cheesecake was pretty darn good too!

Another favorite is grabbing a cup of hot coffee (or hot chocolate or hot apple cider) and getting cozy by the fire ... especially if there is a sweet puppy to snuggle up with.

Since our real fireplace is in the basement, we have a fake heater fireplace upstairs so we can stay warm and cozy up there too.  It's kind of the best of both worlds.  If I have the time, I can go downstairs and build a real wood-burning fire to enjoy, but if not, we just push a button and we have an instant faux fire that blows out heat.  So it not only looks real, it feels real too and it's perfect for warming up on cold Fall mornings.

The turning leaves this time of year are definitely a favorite.  I'm from the South and I grew up mostly with just pine trees.  The only thing that happens in the Fall down South is that all the pine needles fall to the ground.  And there's nothing pretty about that.  Fall in the North is sooo much more beautiful.  And we happen to live in a neighborhood that is just full of big gorgeous trees, all changing into a variety of bright reds, oranges, and yellows.  It's so enjoyable to go on walks right now.

A new Fall favorite of ours is taking the kids apple picking.  Last year was the first year that we did this and the kids loved it so much, that it stuck and is now a yearly tradition.  They have so much fun using those long poles to yank down apples that we always end up with way more apples than we could ever eat, because they just don't want to stop picking them.  I guess I just need to find some yummy apple recipes and start baking!

The apple picking poles were so big and heavy that Hudson was happy to let Tyson and Peyton pick the apples and then he would take them out of the little basket and put them in the bag.  But right at the end, he asked if he could try to pick an apple before we left.

It was so cute to watch him try to get those apples with that long pole.

With a little bit of help from Tim, he got his apple!  And boy was he excited!!

And one final favorite of mine is how much the kids are playing outside this time of year.  Every afternoon, they meet outside with the neighborhood kids and just play and play for hours, riding bikes up and down the sidewalks, playing games of hide and seek and tag (with a play bow and arrow that they shoot to "tag" each other), climbing trees, or hitting baseballs.  It's just the way childhood should be...hours spent outside running freely and playing with friends.  My kids have been having so much fun.  And I know in just another few months, winter will set in and they won't be spending as much time outside, so I am loving this season.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall.  Stay warm and cozy!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Snippets of Fall

Hooray! It’s officially Fall!
I’m pretty sure I say this every year, but Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  The cool crispiness in the air, brightly colored leaves, pumpkin spice coffee, cozy blankets, warm fires, boots, sweaters, and scarves… it’s all my favorite.
And pumpkins!!  I’m addicted to pumpkins!  We found a pumpkin patch this year that grows all different kinds and colors of pumpkins, squash, and gourds.  There were so many to choose from that I might have gone a little bit overboard. I just couldn’t help myself.  Honestly, I do this every year now. Growing up, I thought pumpkins came in one shape and color – giant orange jack-o-lantern pumpkins.  There was nothing very exciting about that. Then a few years ago, I discovered that there were so many more colors and sizes and shapes of pumpkins than I ever imagined.  And I couldn’t choose just one pumpkin anymore.  I wanted them all!  But for the sake of my marriage and our bank account, I restrain myself (kind of).

Aren't they so cute sitting on my front porch?!

So when the leaves start changing and the mornings turn chilly, I get the urge to start cozying up the inside of our home.  As much as I usually love bright colors in my home, I am drawn to warm and cozy neutrals and lots of soft textures in the Fall and Winter.  I don’t have a lot of Fall decorations, but I really like using things from nature to create a warm and inviting feeling.  Not to mention, pinecones, acorns, leaves and branches are all free.

Shopping the house is another free way to switch things up.  It’s always a bit of a creative challenge to make do with the things we already have. I found neutral colored books, a candle, and a cozy fur for the hanging chair just by looking through different rooms in our house. And if need be, I’ll break out the white spray paint and spray paint something… like that vase holding the branches.

I had some leftover birthday money so I did splurge on this birch wreath from Target because I loved it so much.  And I picked up those two acorns at HomeGoods.

That little white candle needed a pick-me-up and I’ve had that fabric flower sitting around for months and months because it fell off of a pillow and I never sewed it back on, so I just decided to hot glue it to the candle.  Instant cuteness.

I found this little wooden potato crate the other day at an antique market and thought it would be fun to use on my table or coffee table to create a centerpiece.  At first I didn’t even think about putting pumpkins in it, but the lady checking me out said, “Wouldn’t this be cute filled up with pumpkins?!”  And I totally agreed with her. Genius!

I had some leftover chalkboard paint, so I painted a small chalkboard spot on my pumpkin.


Happy Fall!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new season

Labor Day was our official last day of summer around here and we wanted to send summer out with a fun goodbye.  There were a few slightly threatening rain clouds in the sky that day, but we took the hardtop off the jeep anyway (Have I even mentioned on the blog that Tim got a jeep for his birthday back in July?), cranked up the country music station, and went for a scenic drive through the Shenandoah mountains.  And it ended up being a perfectly beautiful day for it. 



We had packed a lunch, so we pulled over on the side of the mountain to enjoy a picnic with a pretty view. 




(Don’t worry… the side of the mountain was not steep, so although it looks like one misstep and she could just tumble down the mountain, she couldn’t.)

Then we stopped for ice cream on the way home.  It was a pretty great way to end the summer.




The next day was our first day of school. If you follow me over on Instagram, then you already know that we decided to enroll the kids in public school this year.  It wasn’t an easy decision by any means and I literally bounced back and forth all summer feeling torn between the two, trying desperately to hear what the Lord was saying, but not having any peace or clarity at all.  Finally at the end of July (there was an August deadline to tell the school system), Tim and I took a week to really pray for the Lord to speak to us and line up our hearts together. We decided that we would pray separately and then discuss it at the end of that week.  We desired for the Lord to line up our hearts and we didn’t really want to influence each other by talking about it all week, we just wanted to hear the Lord and allow Him to do His thing. We cheated one night and talked a little bit about it, but otherwise, we stuck to our agreement of just praying and being open to what the Lord was saying to each of us. And by the end of that week, we both felt that the Lord was clearly leading us in the direction of public school. There were many reasons He laid on each of our hearts for our kids in this new season and it was neat to see how much our hearts had lined up on all those specific things.  It was very confirming for us.

I also felt like the Lord told me that the reason I was feeling so torn all summer was because He was leading my heart in a new direction (public school) and I needed to let go of the old thing (homeschooling).  I had been trying so hard to hold on to homeschooling even though it was feeling more like a burden lately than a joy because I thought that’s what He wanted me to do.  And I was feeling guilty for feeling worn out and overwhelmed instead of excited about homeschooling like I had felt in the past. Since He called me to homeschooling a few years ago, I didn’t feel free to let go of it until He told me clearly it was time.  So when He told me that all that conflict and tugging going on in my heart all summer was really just Him changing my heart and guiding us in a new direction, I felt so free and relieved and it was easy to let go and move forward with public school.  Granted, I still cried, because I knew I would miss my kids, but I also knew His plans are good and we can trust Him and so I had peace and excitement.  Don’t you just love that He leads us through our hearts?  That instead of Him just demanding our obedience, He changes our hearts to want to do His will and then He gives us the grace to obey.  I love that.  It’s so freeing. 

First Day of School picture:




We all walked down to the bus stop, but Peyton asked us to drive her to school for her first day, so after Tyson got on the bus, we took Peyton to school and walked her to her class.




The transition into school has not been as smooth as I had hoped for Peyton.  Many mornings, she is just in tears and it breaks my heart to see her struggling.  I’m so thankful for the teachers and staff that have been working hard to help her through this adjustment though. The guidance counselor has been a huge help.  As we were walking home from the bus stop the other day, Peyton told me that when she was sad that day the guidance counselor took her to give Tyson a hug. It’s sweet to me that Peyton wanted a hug from Tyson. But it also tickled me knowing that Tyson would not have been thrilled when his little sister showed up in his classroom needing a hug.  I’m sure he could have just crawled into a hole.  I asked Tyson about it and we all had a good laugh when he said, “She hugged me, but I didn’t hug her.”  Brothers.

And although the mornings are rough, she’s usually all smiles by the time she gets off the bus in the afternoons.






This guy is loving having me all to himself.  As we prayed through the decision on whether or not to send Tyson and Peyton to school, one of the things we felt for Hudson was that it would benefit him to have my undivided time and attention without always feeling the need to compete with the other two.  And it really has been good for him.  I’ve noticed a big (positive) change in his behavior during our days together.  I don’t think he’s even missed them at all while they’re in school.



So after the rush of waking up, getting lunches packed, kids dressed with breakfast in their tummies and teeth brushed, we all walk down to the bus.  Then after the older two are on their way to school, Hudson and I come home, I get my coffee, and we relax for a little while.  If he sits quietly nearby and looks at books or goes off to play alone, I get a chance to spend some time with the Lord, but then there are days when he just wants me to snuggle him and read books with him. This time with just him is nice.  It’s relaxed and (mostly) peaceful.  I’m less stressed and I feel like I can actually take time to read or play or go on a bike ride with him without feeling rushed. He needed this time with me and I’m cherishing it. 



We signed Tyson up for baseball this year.  We tried baseball back when he was five years old (I’m not sure what we were thinking!), but quickly realized everyone was way more serious about five year olds playing baseball than we were.  We took a few years off and then Tyson showed some interest in it this year, so we decided to give it another shot.  And again, I’m finding out that the time commitment is more than any of us really want to make at this point. I definitely won’t be sad when it’s over and neither will Tyson.  He doesn’t particularly love baseball, but he is pretty good at it.



During his game this weekend, his team was losing the entire game.  Then in the last inning, with two outs, they rallied and scored several runs.  They were still down by one run when Tyson got up to bat.  The bases were loaded and then on the first pitch, he smacked a double, scoring two runs and winning the game 5-4.  It was pretty awesome.

Doubles are hard to come by in little league because you have to hit the ball in the air all the way to the outfield (if it bounces in the infield, then it’s only a single no matter how far it rolls into the outfield), so it was a good hard hit. And I was one proud momma.




It’s so fun to watch Peyton and Hudson clapping and cheering for Tyson and his team.  Hudson is especially into it and really wants Tyson’s team to win.  He was so excited when Tyson hit the double and won the game for his team.  During one game, a kid on the other team got a hit and I said, “Good hit!” and Hudson looked at me and told me not to cheer for the other team.  Haha!  He is serious about baseball and winning and only cheering for our team. 

While we’re discussing sports and extra curricular activities, Hudson is playing soccer now.  He’s been begging to play for quite a while, but I wasn’t ready to commit to weeknight practices and weekend games, so I kept putting him off.  Then I found a little toddler soccer league through our county that plays on Monday mornings while the big kids are in school, so I signed him up. The coach has them playing all kinds of fun soccer games and Hudson absolutely loves it, so it’s pretty perfect for us right now.

IMG_9441 2